Introduction: Our aim.

One of the biggest harms to our planet is the fashion industry. From production to materials used - we believe it’s highly necessary for companies to be 100% transparent with their customers. The world is producing and consuming more textiles than ever before. Here at Araa Active, we value our planet and understand the damage that certain materials and production methods are causing. We aim to create as minimal environmental damage as possible - using recycled material in our sportswear.


Pollution in the textile industry (pollution & climate issues)

Understanding the impact on our climate and pollution is the first step in solving this long-awaited issue. The current rates for recycling and reusing within production are extremely low. The volume of fibre production in the textile industry has reached 110 million metric tons as of 2018. This further makes clothing the fourth largest industry in the world. With two-thirds of all textile fibres being synthetic, more than half are made from oil-based polyester. With the industry being this scale, it requires more land than ever as well as water and fossil fuels, leading to the increase of pollution in the air, water and soil.

Burning fossil fuels leads to the further emission of carbon dioxide in the air, eventually causing these greenhouse gases to be trapped in our atmosphere, resulting in global warming. Climate change is a very, very gradual process - and whilst we’re seeing some of the effects on a smaller scale today, our planet is gradually dying over time.

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