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Welcome to Araa Active


When we started Araa Active our First Goal was to be as transparent as possible. So many companies tout transparency but only offer flashy headlines instead of substance. We chose every part of our process, from our raw materials to our facilities to our partners, with care. We also discovered quickly that high end fit and feel is not a matter of cost, it’s a matter of time. We take the time to make sure every single one of our designs is so beautiful that you won’t cycle through it the next time you look through your closet.



Global Recycled Standards (GRS) 4.0 Certificate


We require and make sure that all our manufactures hold the Global Recycled Standards (GRS) 4.0 Certificate. This is a certificate to verify that a factory has indeed been audited by an international team of experts from the Netherlands to make sure that said factory is producing quality recycled goods.


Is everything eco-friendly?


Our activewear is made from recycled plastics and other waste using ECONYL® yarn, our LITE fabric is made up of 83% recycled nylon and 17% spandex.


How do you turn old water bottles into clothes?


Did you know almost all synthetic activewear is made from plastic? We just make ours with materials that would otherwise clog landfills and pollute the earth. It all starts with 100% post-consumer water bottles that have their labels removed, are crushed into billions of miniscule chips, and then washed until they’re sparkling clean.



Where do you manufacture?


All of our textiles are made from recycled materials in our facility in China that specializes in eco-friendly and high-quality textiles, then cut-and-sewn in one of our partner facilities carefully chosen for their values and ethics. Our core factory is located in Shenzhen, China, that's SA8000 certified, guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor.



What’s SA8000?


SA8000 is a social accountability standard and certificate developed by Social Accountability International (SAI). They created this certification to help and protect workers worldwide by providing a standardized guideline to protect the integrity of workers’ conditions and wages. SA8000 overlaps with Fair Trade certification, but while Fair Trade is predominantly used for farming, SA8000 is a certification used in factory conditions.

Why China and not Europe?


You may not know it, but a lot of the best manufacturers for high-performance fabrics are located overseas. We know - we looked. Europe has great manufacturers for basic knitwear, but for our premium activewear the only machines up to the challenge were in China. Once we found our SA8000 certified manufacturer, we knew it was a match. Quality is everything to us, and we wanted to make sure we gave you the best product at the best price that you could find.



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