Accessorising your activewear 


Working out shouldn’t restrict you from sprucing up your outfits. Sportswear also isn’t only exclusive to exercising - whether you’re shopping, running errands or doing anything else outside of the gym, your self-confidence is key. 


Sometimes a sports top and leggings may not feel enough, so whilst being a great foundation, it’s still good to coordinate your outfit in a way that keeps you comfortable and stylish.


Here we have collected some key components of what makes an outfit pop, and have recommended some well-crafted outfits that would suit any accessory.




Layering is usually done when winter hits, though it’s not exclusionary. Zip hoodies and jackets are a great way to keep warm whilst still being able to rock your activewear. 


SOUL racerback sportsbra - Super soft and stretchy sports bra with medium support and removable pads. 


SOUL 7 / 8 leggings - high waisted, moisture wicking legging to match the set. 


Layer with jacket & jewellery 





Aura Racerback top - Racerback at rear, super soft and stretchy fabric top


FIT leggings  - High-waisted, high quality legging with pocket at rear for smartphones

Footwear may become a little more complicated as there’s different types of trainers for different types of exercise. From specifically manufactured running shoes to canvas, figure out what kind of activity you’re going to be doing and work out the kind of shoe it requires. Some trainers offer extra support / padding, some offer height advantages, some offer a lightweight feel. Whilst not necessary, it’s always a good idea to stick with black and / or white trainers in order to match most outfits. 



Introducing jewellery to your sportswear fit is a game-changer, however, the choice of jewellery can be important to consider if you’re exercising. Try and find finer necklaces / bracelets that fit well and stay intact whilst working out. Many silver, single chain necklaces look great with most outfits here at AraaActive. 


ELSA black leopard racerback bra - Soft stretchy fabric with removable pads and medium support


ELSA black leopard print leggings - High-rise fit with concealed pocket for smartphones

Watches / fitbits


Many people like to wear technology during workouts that will track or increase their performance. This includes devices such as smartwatches and fitbits, which also fits into an outfit. 


Sierra sports bra - Compressive fit with removable pads & moisture wicking


Tuscan leggings (blue)  - High waisted, four-way stretch comfortable leggings



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