Celebrities in skorts - who wears skorts and how can I wear them too? (2022) 


With skorts on the fashion rise, it’s only inevitable we’re going to be seeing our favourite celebrities rocking them. What’s not to love about comfortability and fashion?  

Skorts are typically known for their styling with tennis players - the combination of skirts and shorts are perfect for sport - however, we’ve recently seen a rebirth in the fashion industry when it comes to styling skorts for casual wear. 


TikTok was one of the platforms that caused the resurgence of skorts, going back to the summer of 2021 and today. Feel free to check out our blog on skorts being back in fashion, including modern and fresh ways you can style them.


Vogue recently put out an article on Bella Hadid’s outfit.


 A Test Image


Check out the full article here, written by Alex Kessler


This perfectly styled white tennis outfit ticks all of the boxes.  With spring around the corner, tennis-style activewear is perfect for any occasion or function. As mentioned prior, it’s important to value your comfort when finding outfits. 


Styling the skorts

The full white fit creates a perfectly balanced, neutral tone and works wonders for alternative coloured accessories (it really allows them to pop!). 

Wearing skorts as a set is usually a go-to for many people, but it's totally possible to also style them with various other pieces. From neutral colored blouses to t-shirts, to basic sweaters; there's endless possibility! They work perfectly as a replacement for skirts. 

Want to dress like Bella Hadid? We got you. 


Araa Active offers a variety of activewear, including our skort range. 

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Our Araa active skorts offer comfortability and fashion. Available in black, sea green, and white - there's endless possibility for styling.