Branching Out Your Activewear Colours - 8 Colourful Outfits


When buying sportswear, it’s always tempting to stick with the basic colours. Black, white and grey are usually a go-to for many people (including myself). However, sometimes it’s beneficial to break that comfort and go for a different colour every once in a while. 


Stylizing colours → People may find it difficult when trying to style outfits out of the standard colour range. With Jewellery, including pieces such as necklaces and rings, silver will almost always match with any colour. When it comes to trainers, white/black is always a safe option too. 


Find it stressful seeking out gym wear that matches? Finding yourself buying multiple pieces of an outfit only for them to be different in colour? 


Here’s a list of 8 different Araa Active sets that will brighten up your style 


(Racerback pink)Get the set 


This dusty pink racerback set (paired with black FIT leggings) is made from super soft stretchy fabric and is easy to accessorise with its calm colour. 

(River long sleeve blue) Get the set 


This blue RIVER long sleeve top features a quarter zip at the front as well as presenting a seamless, one-piece design. This matching set appears in a stunning blue - which would be ideal for any white accessories/footwear. With its long sleeve design, great for colder days. 

(FLEX bra baby blue)Get the set 


This low cut back bra alongside the leggings comes in a very nice baby blue. It’s moisture-wicking, soft and stretchy material alongside it’s medium support is ideal for a highly intense workout session. 

(Dine sports bra green)Get the set 


This luxurious green coloured top paired with matching leggings comes with removable pads and medium support. 

(TUSCAN sports bra red)Get the set 


This beautiful TUSCAN red set comes with removable pads and stretchy fabric. 


(ROSA sports bra mint green)Get the set 


With mint green rising in fashion, this moisture-wicking set comes with a ROSA sports bra and bicycle shorts. 

(ROSA ribbed sports bra yellow)Get the set 

Another ROSA set - this time in a stunning yellow colour. 

(COMO set olive)Get the set 

All material used to create these outfits has been recycled. Check out our blog on sustainability here. 



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