Fitness: tips for staying motivated


For some people, a routine fitness schedule can be very difficult to maintain. Staying motivated when it comes to fitness is key, as progress begins to occur when consistency is involved. Going off track (even if it’s just for a short while) can cause a hit in your motivation.


This thought process and motive to exercise heavily links into maintaining a positive mental attitude. Check out our blogpost on positive mental attitudes here.


Why is mindset in fitness important? 


From getting out of bed in the morning, to taking that cold, dreaded walk to the gym - there are plenty of reasons as to why your motivation may be on a downfall when it comes to consistency in exercise. It’s important to push through and challenge yourself. Fitness, for many people, is a solution to a lot of physical and mental problems; therefore stopping any form of working out due to a lack of motivation may cause some trouble along the way. 


Below, I have compiled some of my best, researched tips for keeping on track with your fitness:


→ Set yourself reasonable, workout goals 


Whether it’s 20 minutes on a treadmill or a 4 hour run, each individual person has an array of varying fitness goals. Some people exercise to maintain a positive mental well-being, some people workout to gain muscle. We all have differing reasons so it’s important to focus on why we’re exercising and how our routine will play out for each of our desired outcomes. Try and list the activity alongside the minutes you wish to achieve. 


→ Be comfortable (wear the right outfits) 


Comfortability is a key factor in working out. If you find fitness uncomfortable, then how are you supposed to stay motivated? Wearing activewear (clothing specifically designed for exercise) will benefit your enjoyment. 


AraaActive offers a wide variety of modern, stylish sportswear outfits that you can rock during your workout. Each piece of clothing specializes in keeping you comfortable during your fitness routines. 


→ Keep a diary


Keeping track of your fitness journey is always a good idea for staying motivated. Whether it’s taking notes of your specific workouts and timings, weigh-ins or calorie intakes - having a physical progress noted in front of you will most likely keep you motivated to carry on. 


→ Eat healthy


Healthy eating often goes hand-in-hand with fitness. It would seem counterintuitive to eat an unhealthy diet and continue with your 20 minute walk every day. We all have our off-days and that’s okay - learn to pick yourself up and make the next day a fresh start. Research has shown that healthy eating also leads to a more positive mindset, whilst giving you additional energy which further accounts to your motivation. 


→ Try and find a friend to workout with 


Whilst this isn’t totally necessary, a lot of people find that working out with friends is a good way to stay motivated. Nobody likes to let other people down - especially when it comes to health and wellbeing. 


→ Don’t overdo it


Linking back to the idea of setting yourself goals - you don’t need to overdo it with exercise as it may begin to feel like a daunting, unenjoyable activity (which would obviously cause a huge negative spike in your motivation). Pushing yourself is definitely a key factor in fitness, however, pushing too far will most likely cause burnout. 



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