Getting back into the gym


The New Year is over and it’s finally time to get back into a routine. Whether that be healthy eating, working out, or going back to work - things may seem difficult and that’s completely understandable. In this blog, I will be going over why it’s important to get back into routine and how you can do it. 


Restarting your fitness journey


Restarting probably isn’t the greatest choice of words - however, it’s how most people feel. The idea of a fresh start sounds good, but in reality, taking a break from a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean your progress is done and you’re back at the start. 

→ How to start


Planning is always a good idea when getting back into a routine. Things can be messy starting up again (especially if you have an array of things going on in life), so planning out your days and finding spaces to allocate workout time is the way to go. 


Sportswear is key for exercising. Whether it’s intensive workouts or not - it’s important that you’re dressed correctly in order to maximize your workout time and effort. From wearing sports bras that properly support you, to soft, stretchy leggings; these types of clothes are specifically designed to give you a better workout experience. We all know that buying new outfits can be exciting, so it may be a good idea to buy yourself some new sportswear when getting back to the gym. Araa Active offers a range of versatile, stylish sportswear which also uses recycled fabrics, allowing customers to shop more sustainably.  

→ why is it important to restart? 


It’s always important when making decisions to refer back to how something makes you feel. Whether that be mental or physical, your main goal should be sustaining a happy life/mind. For most people - the gym does wonders for your mental and physical health. Think back to how you felt after a workout, the achievements you gradually made throughout that set time. 

→ Healthy eating


One of the most common New Year goals for most people is to stick to a healthy diet. The number of benefits to healthy eating is endless, not only for your body but also for your mental health. Healthy eating also links to motivation and keeping a consistent fitness schedule. 


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