Rise of health apps: Are they the future of fitness?


From banking, to shopping, to communicating - a lot of our day-to-day lives heavily depend on mobile apps (whether we realise this or not.) Fitness apps are now on the rise. With hundreds of thousands of downloads, people all across the world have been using technology in order to balance, sustain and account for their healthy lifestyles. 

What are health / fitness apps?


Health / fitness apps can serve multiple purposes, with most apps typically focusing on individual goals for the user. With countless app options, there is a wide variety of apps available to download. This includes:


Apps tracking your calorie intake


These apps tend to use a diary-based UI in order for users to log their calorie intake throughout the day (Usually storing the data by scanning food packaging barcodes with their phone’s camera). One of the most well-known examples of these types of apps would be myfitnesspal, which not only logs calorie information, but also accounts for nutrient balances within the food logged. 


→ Exercise apps


These types of apps typically give the user instructional routines or exercises to follow. Whether they show image or video demonstrations, they usually make it very clear to the user. Figuring out which types of exercises best suit your goals in your fitness journey can be a difficult task, so these apps do their best to make things easier. 


→ Healthy recipe apps


Healthy recipe apps are pretty self-explanatory. Often, these types of apps are incorporated into other health and fitness apps as an additional feature. They serve the purpose of giving the user a variety of different recipes all in one area, often with customisable filters and an ability to save recipes and ingredients. 


→ Pedometer / health


These types of apps often go hand-in-hand with other fitness technology, such as fitness watches or bluetooth gym equipment. These apps calculate your in-person workout - usually giving you the calories burned, certain achievements and a log of previous workouts. These types of apps can be great for setting yourself goals or just logging the exercise you’ve completed within that week. A prime example of one of these apps would be Apple’s health app


There are plenty more purposes for health and fitness apps out there, these are only a few examples. Sometimes these apps will integrate with one another to serve an array of purposes to the user. 


So… are they the future of fitness?


The idea of these apps are great, and it seems that they work for a lot of people. Technology is constantly advancing and users are finding easier ways to record and live through their fitness journey. Some people may argue that constantly looking back and logging everything may result in further stress and cause a negative impact, so it really depends on how this technology is being used and who it’s being used by. 

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