How to start working out at home


Over the past couple years, the number of people working out at home has rapidly increased. Whether it be from people fed up with isolation, or gyms being shut all across the country - we have found ways to stay fit and healthy whilst having limited space. 


Why should I workout at home?


Exercise is important, from 20 minute walks to 2 hour workouts; every individual benefits greatly. Lowering risks of disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, an exercise schedule is always a positive thing. 


Some people hate the gym, and I get it. Some people either can’t afford to pay that dreaded membership fee, or they may not even have time in a busy schedule. Maybe you don’t need heavy gym equipment for the exercise you want to do, or maybe it’s raining, or too cold, and you can’t face travelling. There’s an array of reasons as to why someone might want to workout at home, and that’s completely fine. 



Is it a better option than the gym?


Of course, there are a couple of limitations when it comes to home workouts. As mentioned previously, every individual has a different reason for their specific set of exercises. Some people exercise to stay healthy and build a positive mindset, some people exercise to lose weight, some to build muscle. If you’re trying to build muscle, it may become complicated without having any equipment to work with, however; investing in home equipment is always an option (if you have the space). 


Buying equipment when working out at home is definitely not essential for most people. Whilst it is a viable option, if you’re just starting out, purchasing smaller equipment such as resistance bands and dumbbells could be an option, or products such as fitness mats. 

What do I need to wear?


For working out, we recommend wearing our AraaActive gear. This type of recycled activetswear is specifically designed for exercising in. Made with moisture-wicking material and highly stretchable fabric, it’s proven to support your body during the most intensive workouts and prevent injury. 


What kind of exercise can I do at home? 


As mentioned above, it’s not always necessary to purchase exercise equipment for your home workouts. Online sharing video sites such as Youtube offer thousands upon thousands of home workout, follow-along videos. You can also download apps on the Appstore / Google Play, which allow you to set your own fitness routine whilst also giving you visual instruction of each exercise.