Top 5 leggings for running



Why wear leggings for running?


Comfort is one of the biggest priorities when it comes to physical activity. Being uncomfortable can lead to lesser workout times alongside a lack of motivation or enjoyment for the form of workout you’re participating in. Leggings are typically seen as one of the best, most viable options when it specifically comes to running - as well as gym workouts and other types of cardio. They’re often made with soft and stretchy material and moisture-wicking material, as well as being fitted for the legs in order to not ride down during exercise.


Why is running a good form of exercise?


Running is a pretty straightforward way to exercise, however it’s one of the best options out there. Firstly, running is free. There’s no need to pay hefty gym memberships or cash out on treadmills (although this could be a viable investment depending on weather), as running round your local park / block is cost-free. Research shows that running typically burns more calories than most other mainstream exercise, as well as being easy to monitor progress and calories burned with an array of free or inexpensive technology.


Setting yourself goals for running:


As mentioned above, tracking your running activity is extremely easy thanks to technology. This makes it easier to set and work on goals, gradually improving your stamina day by day. The motivation to beat these set goals increases. Just be sure to keep these few things in mind when setting your running goals:


Don’t push yourself too hard. If you continuously set yourself unachievable goals It’s going to be hard to maintain. Make sure you’re working your way up as opposed to going straight for the long, intensive runs. Starting out heavy can also lead to issues with straining your muscles, which will prevent any exercise what-so-ever. This will also allow you to run longer.


Wear something comfortable. From your trainers to your gym gear, make sure you’re 100% comfortable in the clothing you’re running in. Don’t wear leggings / joggers that will ride down, or cotton tops that will cause uncontrollably high temperatures. Araa Active specialises in active wear that suits every need for exercise imaginable.


Plan out your route. Whilst this may seem obvious, it’s always a good idea to know exactly where and when you’ll be running. Map out a schedule. Start a diary. Track your running journey. Try finding environments / places with room - routes that can be continuous with minimal disruption.


With these tips in mind, here’s our top 8 recommended leggings for your run:




FIT Leggings - These high quality FIT leggings are perfect for running in. With a concealed pocket at rear for smartphones, this makes them great for listening to your music whilst on a run. These leggings are also high waisted, making them perfect for staying up and not riding down.

FLEX leggings - Available in a variety of different colours, these crossed waistband leggings are also great for comfortability during your run. Incorporating moisture-wicking material, as most of our products are, making sure your body temperature remains cool during exercise.

RAZOR leggings - These four-way stretch leggings are seamless, which not only looks great and minimalistic but also prevents any seam ripping. With their ribbed design they also look and fit great, whilst being great to pair with any sports top.

TUSCAN - Being one of the most popular leggings styles here at Araa Active, the TUSCAN leggings never fail to disappoint. With this product also being sold in a variety of differing colours, they’re great for creating gym wear outfits with. These leggings also include a high-waisted design which is perfect for running in.


ELSA leopard print - These leopard print leggings not only look stunning but also include a pocket for smartphones, a high-rise fit and contain moisture-wicking material.


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