Fitness for beginners : 5 tips for starting out (2022) 


Starting out:


Starting out with your fitness journey can seem pretty daunting at first. The idea of entirely changing your lifestyle may not be the most comfortable with those who dislike change. Not only can it be challenging to change your routine - but maintaining can be even more difficult. In this blog, I’ll be discussing some of the ways you can easily make that transition into regular fitness. 


Why start fitness?


Countless research has shown that incorporating fitness into your daily life has an array of positive impacts on your physical and mental health.


How to keep on track


Staying on track and sustaining a routine can be difficult for some. This is why journals are a great idea - especially for those just starting out. Not only are they great for forward planning, but they’re also a great way of tracking your own progress. There are a few ways you can keep a fitness journal, a couple being: 


Take advantage of digital fitness apps. There are a large variety of free (and paid for) apps available for you to download on your phone. Many of these apps have other features alongside just recording / scheduling your workouts, such as tracking calories and providing healthy recipes with meal planners. 


Social media pages. Some people like to publicly share their fitness journey/progress as it can be seen as a proven form of motivation. You can also look back at your journey, typically through your profile. Whilst social media is always a good option, be sure to check out our blog on social media and mental wellbeing before looking into it. 


Keep a physical diary/notebook. This way, you can easily check back and keep records - whilst digital journals are an option, they’re not so great if you lose your phone/phone’s data. You can easily write down times, different workout routines and clearly lay out your day-to-day schedule. 


What to wear


It’s important that you find the right set of clothing to wear when exercising. Luckily, with activewear, they’re often made specifically to make the experience of exercise better. Often made from moisture-wicking material, (preventing excess sweat) to stretchy nylon fabric (offering comfortability with high and low intensive workouts), it’s important to find the right sports wear set for you. From sports bras, to sports tops, to leggings, to shorts; make sure you’re wearing the correct gear before you even start out on your fitness journey. 

A Test Image

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Where to go 


Have you been contemplating joining that gym nearby? Or are you more of a stay-at-home person? Fortunately, exercise doesn’t have many requirements. Whilst the gym may be a good option if you can afford the fee and the time - it may not be totally necessary. 


The gym → Whilst the monthly / annual membership may be a barrier for a lot of people, there are still an array of benefits from going to a gym. Firstly, there’s usually a fair selection of equipment. If you’re wanting to tone in certain areas, you will be easily able to use gym equipment that’s tailored to that specific part of your body. Paying for that membership fee may also give you that extra boost of motivation to attend.


Outside → From running around your local park to making use of any free public sports courts nearby, exercising outside is a great option. Not only is this option free, it may also leave you feeling refreshed. 


Home gym → Home gyms are a great option for those who find attending a gym impractical. Some people may live too far away from their nearest gym, or find the membership fees too expensive. Whilst starting up your home gym may seem expensive, it’s still a great investment and in the long run may work out a lot cheaper than paying those hefty gym fees. 


No equipment home workouts → Whilst most of the options listed above often cost money, this method is free and easy for anyone to start with their fitness. Fortunately, video sharing sites such as YouTube offer thousands upon thousands of fitness home workouts to follow along with. There’s also equipment existing such as resistance bands, which are extremely affordable and can be used in almost any way. 


Exercises to do 


Every workout is going to differ between every individual. It’s important to understand why you’re exercising, and what you want the end goal to be. Some people exercise to gain muscle, so they stick with a lot of muscle-building workouts. Some people exercise to lose weight, so they’ll typically stick with more cardio-based routines. Figure out what forms of fitness will work best for you - what you’ll most likely enjoy and feel positive about maintaining.