ARAA ACTIVE sports tops for this winter


Winter: one of the most challenging seasons to dress accordingly. Whether it’s thick hoodies, fur-lined coats, or cozy jumpers; it all seems to become quite repetitive. If you’re working out this winter, or even just a fan of comfortable and stylish pieces of clothing, we’ve put together a collection of appropriate winter tops available at Araa Active


When it comes to sportswear during winter there are an array of options. In this post you’ll see a collection of long-sleeved, comfortable, winter-appropriate tops - but you can also consider layering (if the weather becomes too cold) putting together a collection of different outfits that may have been originally intended for another season. Running jackets and long-sleeve tops layered onto shorter sleeved pieces may be your solution. 


Exercising during winter


Exercising during the winter holidays is often perceived as a struggle. It's freezing, dark and those bed covers are cozy and warm - so getting up to complete a workout may feel like a huge task. Despite the weather, it’s important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle all year round. Whether you’re exercising indoors, or you’re outside, it's still essential that you’re wearing appropriate sportswear that’s going to make your physical activity a lot more comfortable. 

Sportswear is a growing fashion category. We all love comfortable clothing, and having pieces designed specifically for exercise obviously specializes in comfort. There’s no harm in rocking these outfits for casual-wear. With their versatile simplicity, it’s easy to mix and match these tops with other pieces of clothing that aren’t necessarily designed for sports.


Our recommendations: 

Here are some of the best tops to wear this winter: 

RIVER Long Sleeve Top (black) -

This seamless one-piece design top will keep you warm this winter, with a quarter zip front and a long sleeve fit. Style with ankle length black leggings or you could even go with jeans for casual-wear. If it becomes too cold, this piece of clothing is also perfect for layering. 

Made from 90% nylon fabric and 10% Spandex, you’ll be comfortable regardless of the weather. 


STELLA Long Sleeve Top (light blue) - 

This soft and stretchy top takes comfort and creates fashion. Whether you’re going for a run or having a lazy day, this piece of clothing will not only keep you cozy, but will also look great. With its versatile range of colours (this one being specifically light blue), you’ll never be struggling to find a matching pair or leggings or tracksuit bottoms. 

STELLA Long Sleeve Top (pink) -

The colours we wear during winter are usually thought to be dark, but if you can find the right pieces and layer the right clothes, there’s no harm in keeping that spring of pastel colour during the coldest times. Another versatile top that will stunningly match with most style pants, thick or thin. 


You can match all of these activewear tops (listed above) with these Araa Active black, high waisted gym leggings – (FIT Leggings) to complete the look.