Top 5 sports bras to rock during a workout

Fitness Sports bras : Finding the right and comfortable sports bra when working out (Under £30) 


Sports bras are essential for workout routines. Whether you’re participating in low or high-impact sports, these specifically designed bras are a must. 

Giving you the right support and comfortability during your workout. However - finding the right sports bra can be a difficult task, which is why we’ll be going over some of our highly recommended, affordable sports bras at Araa Active. 

Why wear a sports bra?


“Why should I wear a sports bra as opposed to a normal bra? Don’t they serve the same purpose?” 

Sportswear bras are designed specifically for further comfort and support when it comes to exercise. Research has shown that working out extensively or repetitively without wearing a sports bra can lead to issues such as back pain, discomfort and reduced performance. Many sports bras (including bras by AraaActive) are made with moisture-wicking material too - keeping your breast area dry and cool whilst working out.

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Qualities in sports bras to look out for:


It’s important you know what sports bra you want. Each sports bra is usually designed differently, relating to various forms of activity. 


→ Moisture-wicking


Moisture-wicking material keeps you cool. The material (often nylon) absorbs any moisture from the skin and draws it into the fabric, allowing it to evaporate. This feature not only noticeably improves your body temperature whilst working out but also allows you to carry on for longer whilst reducing sweat.




Whether it’s wired frames or a compressive fit, there are different levels of support when it comes to sports bras. If you’re going for a light walk every day, a high-impact, high-support sports bra may not be essential. Think about the exercise you’ll be partaking in and apply it to the desired support design. 


→ Style


If you’re into fashion, you might want to consider what sports bra will be most versatile for styling during your workout. Further down in this blog is a list of varied style sports bra designs to suit you most. 


What does low/medium / high support mean?


Most sports bras have varied support fits. Some with low support - often under the term bralettes, designed specifically for comfort and low-intensity activity. On the other side, there are high support sports bras, some providing underwires, pads, or tight fits in order to offer full support during high-intensity workouts. 


Where should I buy my sports bras from? 


There are countless retailers that offer sports bras, however; finding the high-quality, well-supported pieces can be difficult. AraaActive offers a variety of well-made, trusted sports bra designs that will keep you comfortable all workout. 


Below, I have gathered some of my favorite Sports Bras available at AraaActive. There’s no harm in being comfortable and stylish.

SOUL Racerback Sports Bra

This super-soft, stretchy sports bra offers medium support and moisture-wicking whilst maintaining its stunning design. 

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SHAPE Strappy Sports Bra

Consisting of 220 GSM high-quality fabric, this supportive bra introduces a complex and visually appealing strap back design, certainly one of a kind. 

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ROSA Ribbed Sports Bra

The ROSA ribbed sports bra consists of a seamless one-piece design. With its moisture-wicking compressive fit and versatile style. 

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FLEX Sports Bra

This bra consists of a low-cut back, including its medium support and moisture-wicking. Its compressive fit and medium support will keep you comfortable during most work-outs. 

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COMO Sports Bra

This bra offers a unique design in comparison to other sports bras available. Whilst maintaining most of the qualities listed above (moisture-wicking, a compressive fit, medium support, etc), this bra offers a high neck for added coverage. 

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All of our bras AraaActive are made with recycled fabric.


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