7/8 Length Leggings

Stay comfortable and stylish during your workouts with our collection of women's activewear 7/8 leggings. Featuring a flattering and trendy length, these leggings are perfect for a variety of activities and will keep you looking and feeling your best.

What are 7/8 Length Leggings and Who Should Wear Them?

7/8 length leggings are a versatile and stylish option for activewear, falling just above the ankle. They are perfect for those seeking a middle ground between capris and full-length leggings. Ideal for yoga, pilates, or any fitness activities, they offer a flattering fit and are suitable for various body types. Their unique length makes them a great choice for transitional weather workouts. To explore different styles, check our Yoga and Pilates Collection for options that pair perfectly with these leggings.

What Types of Designs are Available in 7/8 Length Leggings?

Our 7/8 length leggings come in a range of designs to suit every taste and requirement. From classic solids to bold prints, and features like Mesh Leggings for enhanced breathability, there's something for everyone. Those looking for added functionality can opt for styles with pockets, as seen in our Leggings with Pockets Collection. Each design is crafted to provide comfort and support during your workouts.

How Do 7/8 Length Leggings Enhance Workout Performance?

7/8 length leggings are designed to enhance your workout experience by providing optimal comfort and flexibility. They feature moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you dry, and their stretchable material allows for full range of motion. For those engaging in high-intensity workouts, our High-Waisted Leggings offer additional support and tummy control. The perfect length prevents any ride-up or rolling down, ensuring a distraction-free workout session.

Can 7/8 Length Leggings Be Worn Outside the Gym?

Absolutely! 7/8 length leggings are not just for the gym. Their stylish and comfortable design makes them suitable for casual wear or even for a sporty-chic look. Pair them with our range of Tank Tops or Short Sleeve Tops for a casual outing. They can also be dressed up with longer tops or tunics, making them a versatile piece in your wardrobe.

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